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Steps to Take After an
Auto Accident




A Few Simple Steps to Take After an Auto Accident

If you are involved in an auto accident, there are some things you need to do as soon as possible. Completing the following steps can save you time and money down the road.

*If possible and if it is safe to do so, move the vehicle or vehicles to the side of the road but do not get out of the vehicle, unless it is absolutely safe to do so.

*If you have a cell phone, and you are on a public road, it is a good idea to call the police as soon as you can. If there are injuries involved then an ambulance will need to be dispatched as well.

*If the accident is minor and there are no injuries, you should still call the police so you can get an accident report filed, they will decide at that time whose fault the accident was.

*If it is safe to get out of the car, it is a good idea to exchange information with any other drivers involved such as insurance information, name and address, phone number and driverís license numbers. If a person is unwilling to give you the information, it is extremely important that the police are called. By law a driver must provide their information after an accident. When talking with the other driver, do not admit fault.

*If you have a camera phone or another camera, take pictures of the accident scene, and any damage to the cars and property involved.

*When the police arrive, give them clear factual information. Write down the officerís name and ask when the accident report will be ready. The officer will most likely be able to provide you with the case number at the time the report is taken.

*When you get home, it is important to call your insurance company and make a claim. You may also need to call the other driverís insurance company as well. Again, it is important you do not admit fault, that is up to the police and insurance adjusters.

*Be available to answer any questions your insurance adjustor may have. When talking with the other driverís insurance company, be very careful how you answer their questions.

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