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Car Insurance
after Divorce




Are you still paying to much for car insurance after a divorce?

There doesnít seem to be any such thing as an easy or clean divorce. Leaving aside the heart-wrenching emotional issues, the financial entanglements only make life more difficult for divorced individuals trying to move on. This trouble covers every aspect of life, including auto insurance.

First, decide where the policy should go. Generally, the auto insurance policy should follow the person who has used the primary vehicle the most. This makes it more likely that the rate will change very little, if at all, for that policy.

Pay close attention to advice of legal counsel, and make the auto insurance policy part of the agreement if necessary. Many couples with relatively amicable divorces find that there is no need to break up the auto insurance policy. This usually works best for couples who will share custody of children and will remain a part of each otherís lives to some degree anyway. This can also reduce the inevitable financial tremors that come with breaking up the household. Keep your agent informed of any changes as these may affect your rates.

Donít assume that your premiums will necessarily rise with a divorce. They may even go down for you if your spouse has accidents or tickets in their past that raise your current rates.

Remember that as a single person, you may want to consider other coverage options. For instance, without a spouse to back you up, you may want to consider car rental reimbursement or towing coverage.

Everyone scrambles for lower auto insurance premiums. After all, we all want to get the most for our money. Inadequate coverage, however, can end up costing you much more in the long term. As the saying goes, the bitter taste of poor service lingers long after the excitement of low price has faded. As you move forward into your new lifestyle make sure you have affordable auto insurance coverage thatís also adequate for your needs.

Speaking with an auto insurance agent and other professionals can help you negotiate available options and choose the policy that will be right for your needs and your budget.

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