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Car Insurance After
A Speeding Ticket




Tips to Lower your auto insurance rates after receiving a speeding ticket

Maintaining an adequate auto insurance policy is a very important component of being a responsible driver, but it can be expensive if the premiums are increased due to moving violations and speeding tickets. Although many individuals simply accept the higher rates as normal, a wise consumer knows that there are a couple things that can be done to decrease the cost of auto insurance.

Insurance companies are in the business of risk management, but most are willing to make certain concessions for their better customers. Many consumers are able to avoid increased premiums after a speeding ticket because of the relationship that they have with their insurance company. When a driver sees an increase due to a moving violation, it is wise to contact the insurer and emphasize the amount of business that could be lost as a result. If finding a new auto insurance policy becomes necessary, it is often beneficial to offer to purchase other types of insurance with the same company as well. For example, many insurance companies will give a discount of up to 15% on auto insurance rates if a customer also has homeowner's insurance.

An individual may find it necessary to take a driving class that will reduce the amount of points accrued on their driver's license. Any course completion certificates should be sent to the insurance company, as these can not only cancel the increased auto insurance rate but also be considered a defensive driving class eligible for further discounts. It is important to track any information on an driver's license, and any incorrect data should be disputed and reported to the auto insurance company immediately.

Speeding tickets typically take a month or two to show up on a driving history record, so some individuals find it easier to simply request quotes from other auto insurance companies. As long as the policy is in force before the speeding ticket is reflected, it will delay the increase in premium. Although this may be a temporary fix, it will give the opportunity to take a defensive driving or point reduction class. Auto insurance is very important, so anything that can be done to make it more affordable is definitely an excellent idea.

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