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Car Insurance for
Military Personnel




Military personnel, are you getting discounted auto insurance?

Getting the best auto insurance rates are difficult, but getting the best auto insurance rates for military personnel can be exceptionally tricky. Most insurance companies require that continuous coverage be maintained for a period of six months or more in order to receive the best rates. This is not always possible for military personnel who are deployed for six months or longer. Military personnel are expected to pay higher rates after they return from deployment or can even be denied coverage altogether.

The good news is that legislation has been passed in many states that prohibit this practice. And in most instances, private insurance companies will offer military personnel discounts that are not available to the civilian public. These discounts are limited to specific insurance companies and must be requested. Also, some companies are taking the extra step and offering incentives for military personnel who choose to store their vehicles while they are deployed a lower premium in lieu of canceling insurance policies altogether, allowing military personnel the opportunity to maintain continuous coverage while keeping monthly premiums low.

A few other cost saving tips military personnel and civilians alike can take advantage of are:

Try to shorten the daily work commute. The longer the commute, the more expensive the premium.
Maintain as high a credit score as possible
Take advantage of multiple vehicle or multiple policy discounts by purchasing as many policies from the same insurance provider as possible, such as homeowners, auto, renters, life, health, etc.
Comparison shop. Auto insurers are as different as the clients they service. Rates for policies also range widely.
If you are still in school, ask for the good student discount.

Each of these suggestions will help military personnel reduce their overall expenditures on monthly auto insurance premiums and protect their vehicles whether they are home or many miles away.

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