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How Often Should I Check
My Insurance Rates?




How Often Should I Check My Auto Insurance Rates?

People often wonder when they should check their auto insurance rates. The ideal time to check your auto insurance rate is a couple months before your renewal date. This gives you time to check with your current company to see if you qualify for any new discounts and also time to shop around and get quotes from other auto insurance companies.

Some auto insurance companies tend to raise the rates of their current customers on renewal. This is a sneaky practice that the insurance companies use to help make more profits. Many people don't bother to check their auto insurance rates and stay with their current company. This is often a mistake because the current company may have raised your insurance rate 10% or more for no apparent reason. Make sure you look out for that.

It is good practice to check up on your insurance rates at least as often as you renew. There are so many companies out there that will give you a live quote right on the web or over the telephone. Some will not even require any personal information to get a quote started. So why not take advantage of the free quotes that are available to you and check your auto insurance rate often?

Another good time to check your auto insurance rates is when you acquire or get rid of a vehicle. You still have to call your insurance company anyway so why not check your rate while you're at it. It only takes a few minutes to go online and get a free quote from as many companies as you like. Don't forget to mention all the safety features and discounts that you qualified for from your prior company.

Also never let your auto insurance policy expire before shopping for a new rate. If your policy expires beforehand you may lose out on discounts from your new insurance company. So make sure that you check your auto insurance rates before your policy expires. You may be pleasantly surprised at the rate that you receive from another auto insurance company.

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