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Lower Car Insurance Rates
After Drivers Ed?




Do drivers education classes really lower insurance rates for teen drivers?

Auto insurance can prove to be expensive for many individuals that fit into a high risk category, but coverage doesn't necessarily have to be costly simply because the driver happens to be a teenager. While it is statistically proven that young drivers are normally involved in more accidents because of inexperience, the premiums are not impossible to decrease. Teens should follow a couple necessary best practices to ensure that they are receiving the best rates available to consumers in their specific circumstances.

Drivers education classes have long been promoted as an excellent way for young drivers to gain valuable training and time behind the wheel. Many auto insurance companies strongly encouraged participation in such programs and even gave discounts to entice teenagers to take the necessary course. However, many states are now requiring every teen driver to enroll and complete a drivers education class. As a result, it is questionable whether the same discounts will remain available in the long run. Many drivers education classes have additional components that can be completed, such as defensive driving courses. These additional modules could decrease insurance premiums by as much as 15%, but they can also be instrumental in providing a teen with the necessary skills to avoid an accident.

Young drivers should also ask their insurer if there are discounts available for good grades. Because honor roll students are statistically less likely to create claims, many auto insurance companies offer substantial savings to responsible teenagers.

While the premiums may not always be drastically reduced by simply passing the most basic of drivers education classes, the training provided in such a course could quite possibly save the life of a teen. Responsible young drivers will enjoy low cost car insurance for years to come if they are able to maintain a clear record. Drivers education classes simply provide the opportunity for a young driver to learn valuable information and skills, but the success of such courses ultimately rests on the shoulders of the teen students. Any chance to better oneself and improve abilities should be maximized on throughout life, and parents should emphasize this to their teenager.

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