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Do You Really Need Rental Car Insurance?

Now that you are getting ready to go on vacation, many things need to be planned ahead of time. You plan on renting a car so you need to do your homework to find out about what kind of car insurance you have and if you will need additional insurance. In Many cases, the car rental contract will not cover everything if you should be involved in an accident. Of course none of us anticipate an accident but it is better to be safely insured than sorry later.

Here are some of the usual coverage's offered by the contracts:

*Most car rental contracts offer Damage Waiver (DW) coverage. This coverage protects the rental car only. It pays for repairs on the car but does not cover the damage to a fence, pole, tree, wall, or whatever is damaged.

*PAI, or Personal Accident Insurance, may be called something else in some states. It also may not be covered in the contract in all states. This coverage takes care of the medical treatment for you and any passengers in your vehicle. You need to check with the rental company to see how much coverage this insurance pays. You may need additional coverage.

*Supplemental Liability Protection, or SLP, is extra liability coverage offered by the rental company. It is extra liability coverage to cover what your liability insurance doesn't.

The cost of the extra rental insurance depends on the amount of insurance and where you are located. Each state insurance company has their own prices they charge, so check with your own car insurance company to see just how much coverage you have and what extra coverage you might need.

Some people believe that their credit card coverage will take care of them should they be involved in an accident. This is not true in most cases. In many cases it will only cover the damage to the rental car so the insured is left with a large bill to cover the rest of the damage. Make sure you have plenty of insurance to cover everything so you can enjoy your trip.

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